CES 2016: How It Matters To The World Of Technology?

CES is the acronym for the popular Consumer Electronics Show, which serves as the confluence of the most powerful and impactful technology companies from all over the world. While its true that the popular household technology giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google are not a part of the show, the show still attracts hordes of visitors and fans year after year. The former mentioned technology giants, instead of being a part of the CES, have opted to hold their own special technology meets every year. The CES attracts thousands of ardent tech geeks who are all looking to have a glimpse of the next big thing in technology.

The CES is a spot for the brains behind multi-billion dollar tech companies and young researchers, journalist, analysts, the common tech lover and the devout tech geek all to rub shoulders. The conference brings to mind a scavenger hunt, with each individual trying to piece together what the future looks like. At the end of the day, each individual leaves with a deep insight on where technology is headed and how fast the world will reach there.

This doesn’t mean that it’s all roses with CES. It has its own share of drawbacks and failures. Products like 3D TVs, new sleek Android tablets and netbooks have been introduced in the conference only to find that there were no takers. But for every failed product, there are huge numbers of products that have become a phenomenal success. The Microsoft gaming console Xbox, VCRs and CD players all began their successful journey at CES.

This year industry experts are claiming that virtual reality will play an important role in the conference. Tech lovers can expect to have hands on experience of new headsets, gadgets and games at this year’s conference. Will you be a part of this year’s technological extravaganza?