What You Should Keep in Mind in the Event of a Traffic Accident

What You Should Keep in Mind in the Event of a Traffic Accident

Many people still insist on driving without giving the road and other motorists their full attention, driving while texting, driving while eating, talking, looking around to other passengers in the car, and so on. This article is not meant to make you feel guilty about your driving habits (I’m guilty of those things, too) – this article is supposed to give you some advice on what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Stay Calm

If you’re involved in an accident, don’t panic. This is perhaps one of the most difficult yet one of the most important things to do in the immediate aftermath of a traffic accident, especially if other people may need medical attention or when an accident occurs on a busy road where there is a risk that further vehicles might become involved. If anybody is hurt and needs immediate medical attention, you should call the emergency services at 911. More about car accident laws on this website

Don’t get angry – this may be easier said than done, but if you feel a bit of road rage coming on, take a deep breath and count to ten. This trick actually works, and after a road traffic accident, it is of course important to stay calm and collected. Avoid any confrontations with other drivers or passengers involved – standing in the middle of the road is one of the worst places to argue.

Take down notes

If no one is hurt, or once all casualties are being attended to by the emergency services, speaking to the other driver and any bystanders who have witnessed the accident can be a useful next step – one which will be of great benefit if you decide to make a traffic accident compensation claim. You should take down the other driver’s name, address, and contact information, including their home and mobile numbers if possible. You should also swap insurance details as this will make things much easier later. Suppose the other driver asks you for your info and insurance details. In that case, you should give him or her as much information as possible – you need to exchange information so that everything can be settled as quickly and thoroughly as possible. You should also note down the other vehicle’s registration number, make, model, and color. For any questions, feel free to call the Carabin Shaw Law Firm in San Antonio

After an accident, some witnesses may approach you to give you their details. It is important that you keep a note of these as supporting witness statements can be important to any traffic accident claim you make, especially in situations where there is a dispute about which driver was to blame for the accident.

Contact your insurance company and a traffic accident attorney.

If you decide to use the services of an expert accident attorney such as those at our Law Firm, you should make sure you contact your insurance company to notify them that you are hiring an attorney. When dealing with a traffic accident lawyer, you must give them access to all the information relating to your accident, such as the details of witnesses and any photos you may have taken at the scene of the accident. You should do this even if you suspect you may have been partially to blame for the accident.

In the event of a traffic accident, using the services of a specialized traffic accident attorney can make all the difference to the outcome. Our traffic accident claim professionals at our Law Firm are available to start your claim today. Call us to schedule a free consultation.

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