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When you need a professional electrician in Dallas or surrounding area, be sure to contact a leader in the industry. It is important to choose an electrician who is not only licensed and insured, but who can deliver the highest quality work in a fast and efficient manner. Whether you need a new home wired for electricity or you are installing a new appliance, your electrician in Dallas should be able to provide top quality services that you can trust. After all, when it comes to the electrical wiring of your home or business, it is imperative that you have a skilled electrical contractor that takes pride in offering area residents the very best service possible. The safety and function of your home’s electrical system is far too important to leave to someone who is not properly trained to provide this type of service.

Of course, choosing the very best electrician in Dallas Texas might require that you do a little research, but the time you put into finding the best electrician in the area will certainly be time well spent. You can always ask friends and family for recommendations, but one of the best ways to ensure you hire an electrical contractor that has a solid reputation is to read customer reviews. You can often find websites dedicated to providing online reviews of local service providers. These reviews can be an excellent way to find out what other customers have experienced when working with a particular electrician or electrical company. When reading these reviews try to look for a pattern or a particular problem that seems to be recurring. There will always be unhappy customers, so a single complaint should not be cause for too much alarm; however, a clear pattern of problems could be a red flag.

Fortunately, when you need an experienced electrician in Dallas, you can count on a company that has dedicated itself to providing exceptional service throughout the area. In fact, regardless of what type of electrical work you need completed, choosing an experienced electrician in Dallas Texas can help ensure that the work is completed quickly and accurately. In addition to finding an electrician to provide high quality electrical work, it is also important to evaluate a company in regards the level of customer service they provide. Some companies take pride in offering excellent customer service, they understand the importance of a happy customer; however, there are also some unscrupulous companies that should be avoided. When you do your research and choose a company with excellent ratings, you can rest assured that your electrical work is in good hands.

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Is The Great Barrier Reef Really Dead?

Is the Great Barrier Reef part of your bucket list? Then, you would have come across several stories circulating online that claim that the Great Barrier Reef is dead. Worry not, the Great Barrier Reef is not yet dead but it perilously close to danger.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Great Barrier Reef is a 1400 mile long living coral shelf along the coasts of Australia. Famous writer Rowan Jacobsen has written an obituary for this great natural wonder and this is what has triggered all the hoopla about the reef being dead. Rowan Jacobsen in this obituary mentions that the reef is one of the most spectacular natural features on the entire planet. Before you start drafting your own obituaries for this great natural wonder, scientists who are a part of the study of coral reefs caution you to take a deep breath and slow down.

The news surrounding the real status of the coral reefs are not good however the situation is not as dire as the obituary claims. Kim Cobb a senior professor at Georgia’s Tech School for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences states that there is still hope for the reef and asks people to put an end to the misconception floating in the online world. The article doesn’t consider the science behind coral resilience.

We give you an extract from his interview with the LA times.

Is the reef really dead?

No, the reefs are now undergoing what is called as a bleaching. However, from past studies, it has been found that the corals have the capability to come back to life.

So is there nothing to worry about bleaching of corals?

Corals are animals and it exists in a symbiotic relationship with algae. The algae supply food for the corals, while the corals provide a home for the algae. So now during bleaching what we are seeing is actually corals without algae. So bleached corals aren’t dead and there is still hope.

These are all warning bells for us to take better care of our environment.

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Seniors Are Left Behind When It Comes To Accessing Digital Resources

A new study claims that older Americans are yet not taking advantage of valuable health resources found online. This study was led by Dr.Yan Hong, the lead researcher at Texas A&M University. He leads a team that specializes in human health & behavior. The study found out there is still a huge digital divide between those who have access to the internet and those who don’t. Though internet usage is considered a norm, there are still huge numbers of people out there who don’t have access to the internet.

This is particularly the case with seniors or older adults. This is because of their reluctance to adapt to new technology and they are usually the last people to get on board when it comes to accessing technology. The Pew Research Center in a recent survey found out that only one percent of people in the age group 18 to 29 don’t go online. However, a huge 41 percent of adults older than sixty five years don’t go online.

The new survey conducted by Dr.Hong and his team was based on data collected nationwide from a group of adults above eighteen years of age. The survey data was collected for a period of several years spanning from 2003 to 2012, from around 15,800 participants. The study divided seniors in the age group of 55 to 64, 65 to 74, over 75 and those younger than 55. The study found out that internet usage has increased in 2011 when compared to the year 2003 among all the age groups above 55.

For instance, in the year 2003 only 16 percent of those over 75 used the internet. While in 2011, the numbers have increase to over 33 percent. However, it is to be noted that though the numbers had increased they were nowhere closer to the number of internet users in the age group 18 to 55.

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