Just One Hour Of Exercise Reverses Ill-Effects Of A Desk Based Job

A typical day for a huge number of people involves at least eight hours of sitting. This includes the time you spend at your desk, riding to work and back home, watching TV, surfing the internet and so on. A recent study proves that merely devoting one hour to moderate exercise can reverse the health risks that are caused as a result of sitting for hours together.

Reverse the ill effects of sedentary activities by taking part in any of the following:
· Cycle to work
· Take a brisk walk during lunch hour
· Go for an early morning run
· Walk your dog
The study is part of a four research paper series published by the Lancet. This provides an overview of worldwide trends when it comes to physical activity or lack of it. The scientists who were a part of the study claimed that there has been little to no progress when it comes to changing the issue of global inactivity. It claims that more than a quarter of adults worldwide lack the basic requirement of physical activity.

It is to be noted that physical inactivity plays a major role in increasing the risks of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and even some types of cancers. So get off the couch and get moving to stay healthy!

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